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Airsoft is a sporting activity imitating real war situations. Airsoft implies plastic guns and real army accessories and clothing. There are four main variants of airsoft: military simulations (with certain scenarios), target shooting, military training, and competitive gaming. Airsoft is generally similar to paintball, but in airsoft the players use plastic pistols (with the velocity of less than 600 ft/s), and small plastic balls for bullets (usually, about 6 mm in diameter). Such technical characteristics are considered to be safe enough for playing. Airsoft pistols and accessories are available at specialized shops; today, airsoft rifles and gear are generally bought at  online stores. Airsoft was first introduced in  Japan in the 1970’s. It was marketed as the first way to use guns for fun only. Presently, the gaming techniques of airsoft have evolved in two tendencies: standardization and diversity. On the one hand, the airsoft pillets have become unified in their sizes. Alternatively, the airsoft guns rifles have become very diverse in shape and powering (airsoft pistols can be spring-powered, gas-powered, and AEG  — battery-powered). With the course of time, some certain safety rules have emerged. Most importantly, the participant must wear special shooting goggles (common sunglasses not specifically designed for airsoft don’t suite, because they can shatter resulting in eye injury). As for other bodyparts, they won’t get injured if the bullet is shot from the distance of at least 10 feet. Face masks are also of use in airsoft as they provide protection for the rest of the face incl. Such fragile bodyparts as, e.g. Teeth. However, face masks are believed to reduce visibility. In most countries, airsoft is considered legal. Allthough in some places, for example the states of  New Jersey and Michigan solely allowed to practice play airsoft on private property. The most severe restrictions are in the Philippines where for a certain period of time airsoft had been completely restricted.