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What a parody !

i am here to help you smile-3236796

i translated all your comments and replies.Thx god

i am engineer and was working in ukraine for a was almost 10 days.Now i have a

girlfriend from ukraine.She is coming to istanbul she invited from me for a 4 months.

I am here without any reason.

Lets advices start!

1-Dont make love with dj,animators,waitress and others…its meanlass At least they will prefer old womens from Europe.Because that guys usually non educated and without job!They are looking for a ticket for a be eu citizen…After sex they will not call you back.Dont be stupid.when your vacation is over he will find another girl for just sex…

2-Learn english!its good for you…Maybe you can find good turkish guy you can beliave me they are availeble!You can be sure he is kaind and educated.

3-if you found good boy,if everthing goes perfect he could want to change your religion.Are you ready for that?

4-İf their family educated well it doesnt matter what is your religion or your culture.Her mum said last word.Be carefull.

5-istanbul is very beatiful and charming city but expensive.Forget antalya bodrum and other cities they are touristic are you handle big cities?Without summer…Without full of romantism,sea,sand,sun night life!!!

6-İf you have a real boyfreind and husband he doesnt want to go night clubs and other places like that!İt could be suprise for you:)

7-are you educated?isaid life is expensive can you work in turkey?All educated guys married with educated girl they work together…Without your salary life could be hard for him and you:)