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Last night after my first massage i talked about that forum with my friends.

And they asked me some questions about you.How can we meet with them?

i asked about their tour on this summer with car.

i said to them invite them there is a 2 empty seat in your car.

Who wants to come to turkey for a while?

They are planning west coaast tour with car.

if anybody interest about that i can introduced them with you.

i am just messenger.

-You will not pay for gasoline.

-You will not pay for accomadation.

-You will take your own plane tickets.Tour starts at istanbul when you arrive marmaris or bodrum it will be end.

-You will pay for food.

They visited saint petersburg last week for work and they are under your spell:)because of work they didnt meet any russian girl.But they wished.

i know this place is not dating webpage.But i am only the messenger.

İf anybody intrest about that i am going to give their e-mails and skype numbers.if you intrest after meeting on the net maybe you can find new friends.

Take care.